Thursday, June 12, 2008

how can i help it?

i'm sorry to all of you who are bored of reading my blog because all i ever write about is moving. i have realized the error of my ways and this post will not mention it. from now on...

sometimes i wish dreams really did come true. not dreams like "someday i'll be a doctor" or "i'm gonna marry a really hot man one day" but the actual dreams i have at night. because i have some really really great ones. like last night, i dreamt that the jazz player's sports medicine... doctor... was located in my church building, and i got to meet them all, including my boyfriend, who ended up professing his undying love by the end. who doesn't want that to come true? the funny thing is, my dreams have an effect on my whole day! i wake up and think they are real all day long, and sometimes even say things out loud to people that don't make sense unless you were there, in the dream. (and usually i'm the only one there for them. most people don't dream the exact same thing i do, sadly.) it's so weird, and funny. i wake up and think it was all real, that it all really happened. usually for at least 5 minutes. sometimes i wake up wondering why i'm in the room i'm in. its cool i guess, that i dream so vividly and remember it. i just don't love the days when things are sad or scary because of a dream i had the night before. but then again, it can be helpful when i'm happy for no particular reason either. i guess the good and the bad kind of balance each other out.