Monday, October 19, 2009

striking me out

it's about time for a new post.

my orchid died. or at least, the flowers did, and the leaves fell off, and all i have left is a stick in a pot. so i'm pretty sure it's dead.

maybe i should try out my less than green thumb on an easier plant. i just love orchids so much, and i thought all that love would translate into waves of good vibes that radiated from me so that that dang flower couldn't help but grow big and strong and beautiful. but i have a feeling that experiment was doomed to failure from the start.

i thought about getting one made out of plastic, or fabric, or something that doesn't require actual care. but i couldn't bring myself to admit that to anyone asking questions about it, i'm pretty sure. i'd be ashamed, and blurt out the whole story about trying to grow a real one and failing miserably, therefore being compelled to switch to fake. and i just don't think anyone would care, and i'd just be left feeling like a fool. blah.

on a side note, don't you love it when you find a new song and play it on repeat for days on end with a big lame grin on your face because you love it so much? or am i the only person who does that?

and one more side note - preseason basketball started!! my life is no longer over. it has started again. because lame preseason means much less lame and actually cool and exciting actual season (that is the real name for basketball season, you know) is around the corner!

Thursday, October 1, 2009

can't measure to you

i hate to admit it, but i have been purposefully avoiding this subject for quite some time. you see, i never did end up making any more cranes since that post, and i thought maybe if i just ignored that fact it would go away. it didn't.

so i am now renewing my goal - by the end of the year, i will have 1000 paper cranes. no excuses this time. now that i have settled into a routine and life is not quite as crazy, i'm going to devote at least two hours a week (that seems like a reasonable amount of time) until i have accomplished the goal. i'll just put on some of this american life, roll up my sleeves and get a move on!