Wednesday, April 27, 2011

don't you know what i'm thinking

i have to say, and i hope i don't sound like a bad jazz fan when i say this, watching the playoffs is almost a more enjoyable experience when you don't have a horse in the race (or whatever the saying is.) i am enjoying just watching the games (and all the preliminaries/postliminaries on tnt) and experiencing some excellent basketball. i wouldn't call myself an indifferent observer - i still have my opinions on the games (go thunder!) but it's nice to watch without being in danger of having a heart attack.

this weekend i had my first ever public organ performance. i did not have the bells on, sadly. i've wanted to play the organ bells ever since andrea did it for Christmas one year and no one in the congregation sang because we were laughing so hard.

yesterday at 6:00 pm it was 90 degrees in chandler. and it was snowing in parts of utah county (i hear.) az is the place to be.

another thing about this weekend - it was stake conference. i love stake conference. i love any kind of conference, really, or at least the church kinds. the general authority who came was an excellent speaker - very animated and engaging. the saturday night session was the best - he told a story about clinging to his cell phone that was funny and endearing and pointed all at once. i won't think about "clinging to the rod of iron" in the same way again. in a good way.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

carried to ohio in a swarm of bees

my friend crapping dawg came to visit this weekend. and i learned it's always a good idea to have a plan b (or c or d or e)

plan a - go golfing
it was too hot for that

plan b - go to a diamondbacks game
someone (me) is dumb and thought it started at 8:10... it really started 3 hours earlier

plan c - go to the temple to watch the easter pageant
it was in spanish that night

plan d - go to the zoo
this never made it past the suggestion stage

plan e - go to joe's farm grill, then walk around the temple grounds during the spanish pageant, then go to bahama buck's for some delicious shaved ice, then watch megamind
this is what actually happened.

i love having visitors. and bahama buck's. and megamind.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

i'm getting older too

i love me some fleetwood.

-i watched scottie and isaac the other night, and when i put scottie to bed he wanted to sing some songs. we sang a few, and then started "i am a child of god." he got really into that one - i think it was the only one that he sang all of the words to. well, he sang all of the words with his own scottie spin. my favorite part - "has given me a nerdly home."

-i've been having an awkward experience the last few days... this super weirdy new guy at work has had multiple opportunities to talk to me face to face, but instead he hurries back to his desk to email me. i don't understand that thought process. i was pondering over it last night, and had an epiphany - maybe he thinks he's emailing someone else. because i think he has spoken a total of 6 words to me in person, and he has definitely never asked my name. i'm pretty sure i'm on to something with this.

- i do not deal with change well. not at all.

- one of my students was looking at me funny on monday, so i asked him what was going on.
he said "is your hair different?"
i said, "yes, i dyed and cut it."
another funny look, then "it's crazy."
thank you very much.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

someday we will surely find it

this has been on my mind lately -

i would like someone to make me up some graphs of the discrepancies between what i think about something i do, and what other people think about it. it usually comes as a surprise to me when people compliment something i do, because mostly what i see are the flaws - the flaws in my motivation, or the flaws in my delivery, or a hundred other things.

if not the graphs, maybe a diagram of people's thought processes. wouldn't it be nice if we could push a button somewhere in our brains, and a diagram would pop up in the air, showing you how someone reached the conclusion they did? i think such an invention would be extremely helpful in arguments as well as to satiate my curiosity. and it would be nice to be selective about it - only see the process if we choose to.

anyway, if any of you know any inventors looking for a new project, this is the top of my wish list.