Monday, September 27, 2010

we'll generate sparks

alright, no more late night posting for me. it is obvious that i can't be normal past midnight... whoops!

i changed things up a little around here. first one to discover it wins a prize! (for real - no one ever wants to claim my prizes when i offer them. i'm just itching to give something away!)

(i didn't mean to imply i didn't sincerely mean what i wrote late last night. just that i wrote it like a nerd alert.)

by thy help i'm come

as I lie here unable to sleep, I have been thinking about the relief society broadcast I watched yesterday. I commented to my buddies afterwards that I just feel so much love for everyone after I go to those, or to general conference. And I want to keep that feeling going.

Imagine this - everyone you know and love in the same room. It sounds like heaven to me! I just want to get all of my people together in one big group hug/cuddlefest, where we talk and laugh and enjoy each others company and tie quilts and read good things and do service projects and eat cinnamon rolls. And we keep adding to the group - bringing more and more people in to share in our happiness without changing the dynamic - well maybe changing it for the better. (little did you know when you started reading this that it was going to turn into a lovefest.)

Anyway, I probably sound crazy enough, I should maybe stop. That's just the feeling I get after a really good meeting.

Ps can it be march madness again? Or at least nba season. These cougars are disappointing me greatly, and I am ready for some basketball to lift my spirits.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

so we could shoot the moon

i realized something today.

i do not like it when people say "there is nothing worse than _______."

like this - "there is nothing worse than driving around for five minutes looking for a parking spot."

or this "nothing worse than the dentist!"

or "can't think of anything worse than finding out my next-door neighbor has my same engagement ring and then i had to break my $100 bill to buy a fifty cent pack of gum, and then i got some bird poop on my brand new bentley."

i understand there is some hyperbole involved here, but really? you can't think of anything worse than that? i can come up with a whole list without even trying very hard.

nuclear bomb
getting fired
taking a bite of something and then finding half a bug
someone telling you they don't like you
getting kidnapped
falling down the stairs

i encourage the world to try something different.

maybe "i really get bugged when someone eats all my ice cream."

or "fake crying is one of my hatiest things."

or "i can think of a whole list of things worse than this, but it is still pretty bad: annoying phrases."

alright, rant over. :)

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

what would you think if i sang out of tune?

i'm not sure if there already is one or not (a quick google search yielded unsatisfactory results), so i am declaring today "friend appreciation day" (like mother's day, but for friends. and i'll try not to make this too sappy.)

i have had multiple experiences over the past little while that make me realize just how great the people i am friends with are (that sentence is weirdy, and i don't feel like trying to fix it.)

those experiences include, but are not limited to:

- temple trips

- movie nights with the boris

- speed dating on saturday (strange inclusion, you say? not so, say i! there is nothing like awkward conversations with random strangers to make you appreciate the random strangers you already know and like and actually want to hang out with.)

- vegas vacations

- talking on the phone twenty hundred times a day for five seconds each time

- late night conversations (after fhe might not be super late, but it felt late enough. thanks for helping me make a decision, ladies of the saragosa suites!)

- football games

- hershey doughnuts and rock band (even if it isn't the beatles. i might get over it someday.)

- blog comments, text messages, phone calls, etc.

you guys are all wonderful, and i just wanted you to know that i think so!

Monday, September 13, 2010

please hear me ohio

forgive me in advance, because this is a little weird.

i have this dream house all cooked up and planned out. it looks like this:

except with dark shutters. this house would be somewhere in the midwest. (preferably the place in the midwest where it is 85 degrees year round. you know the place...)

there would be cows and chickens and one of these -
there would be a garden, and a big white kitchen

with a sink just like this one.

it would have a big room for my piano that i don't have yet, and maybe a pig, and some kids running around. there would be a pond and a creek, and a big tree with a tree house and a tire swing.

and while i'm dreaming, let's throw in a million dollars and a pony.

always get hit out of nowhere

i was thinking on saturday as i was watching the byu game (before i got disgusted and turned it off) that the only real sign of fall here in az is the start of football season. and then...

i got to go to my first asu game, thanks to senator mccain! (and valerie, and glenda and darren. they are cool - they let me go with them, even though i was wearing blue...)

we had awesome seats (the perks of being a senator, i guess) plus free food and soda. i did put my purse in some beer, accidentally, but it was worth it. i just had to drive real careful on the way home so i didn't get pulled over...

and those little devils won! thank goodness one team i cheered for that day pulled out a win (air force, cougars? really?)

i was pulling double duty as spectator and substitute ESPN score giver, and my phone battery was in a precarious situation, so i only got the one picture. i guess i'll just have to go again, and be a little more prepared next time.

Friday, September 10, 2010

may my love reach you all

i may or may not have been listening to this over and over since yesterday...


side note #1 - i have been by myself at home all week (my dad and char went to hawaii without me) and the other day, after discussing it with a lady at work, i decided to take a weapon into my room. i don't have a gun (because i hate them) or a baseball bat, so i took in a golf club.

as i was getting it out of my bag and talking to my mom about it on the phone, i thought about having to actually use it. and freaked myself out. who wants to actually use a weapon? i then had to enter a completely dark house, and to make matters worse -

i discovered i had left the back door unlocked all night. wow.

side note #2 - i can't believe no one has even asked me about my surprise news! not that i would tell yet, but still - no one is even curious a little?

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

don't call my name

i just helped a guy find our office by giving him directions over the phone.
for half an hour.
he was at the intersection less than one mile away.

(total number of times he turned around: at least 7.
total number of times i wanted to bang my head against the desk: at least 200.)

Monday, September 6, 2010

cautious and safe

i read a calvin and hobbes one time where calvin wishes his life had a rewind/erase button. that's a feature i need in my life.

think about it - i could get back all that time spent watching lame movies or reading lame books or going on lame awkward dates.

but there is one area of my life where i would use a rewind/erase button the most - sometimes, i find myself saying/doing things while this inner monologue is taking place:

"what am i doing? what is going on? is that really coming out of my mouth? am i really being that annoying right now? seriously, why am i saying this? why isn't anyone stopping me or slapping me upside the head?"

and while i'm having that inward anxiety attack, the words/actions coming out just get worse and worse, because i'm concentrating on how lame i am being and not on trying to stop or make it better.

rewind/erase buttons - that's the way to go in the future.

Friday, September 3, 2010

better find out where they want you to go

aren't fridays great? i feel like they are even better when you have the following things:

- a fantastic grandma
- good gym workouts
- a long weekend ahead
- byu football ahead
- this awesome website (someone get me one! that's an order)
- a magic ipod
- some good things to think about

i hope this weekend turns out as fantastic as i am planning on it being. (how's that for a good sentence?)

(also, just a teaser - be looking for some exciting news coming up here in the next couple weeks/months!)