Thursday, September 23, 2010

so we could shoot the moon

i realized something today.

i do not like it when people say "there is nothing worse than _______."

like this - "there is nothing worse than driving around for five minutes looking for a parking spot."

or this "nothing worse than the dentist!"

or "can't think of anything worse than finding out my next-door neighbor has my same engagement ring and then i had to break my $100 bill to buy a fifty cent pack of gum, and then i got some bird poop on my brand new bentley."

i understand there is some hyperbole involved here, but really? you can't think of anything worse than that? i can come up with a whole list without even trying very hard.

nuclear bomb
getting fired
taking a bite of something and then finding half a bug
someone telling you they don't like you
getting kidnapped
falling down the stairs

i encourage the world to try something different.

maybe "i really get bugged when someone eats all my ice cream."

or "fake crying is one of my hatiest things."

or "i can think of a whole list of things worse than this, but it is still pretty bad: annoying phrases."

alright, rant over. :)


Bucher Family said...

I can't think of anything better than the word hatier! Is it ok to not think of a better word, or is that like not being able to think of anything worse? You R-O-C-K!

Bonny said...

You know what? I've been thinking about this a lot lately. I'm realizing there are a whole lot of things that are worse than anything that I find stressful/annoying. I feel blessed that my most stresses are mild in comparison with the things that other people have to go through.

Good post!

Bunny&Tuddles said...

hehehe! I can't think of anything worse then half a bug! ewww! :) You are amazing lady! i love you!

Jenna Kae said...

andrea - i wish i could take credit for that word, but i can't. but i do use it frequently. it's an awesome one. and you R-O-C-K too!

bonny - i certainly agree. i wish i could remember that all the time. it seems much harder when i am actually mad/stressed than when i am just living my life. if you know a trick, do share! :)

bree - bugs are nasty! and eating them is worse. love you too! :)