Monday, September 13, 2010

always get hit out of nowhere

i was thinking on saturday as i was watching the byu game (before i got disgusted and turned it off) that the only real sign of fall here in az is the start of football season. and then...

i got to go to my first asu game, thanks to senator mccain! (and valerie, and glenda and darren. they are cool - they let me go with them, even though i was wearing blue...)

we had awesome seats (the perks of being a senator, i guess) plus free food and soda. i did put my purse in some beer, accidentally, but it was worth it. i just had to drive real careful on the way home so i didn't get pulled over...

and those little devils won! thank goodness one team i cheered for that day pulled out a win (air force, cougars? really?)

i was pulling double duty as spectator and substitute ESPN score giver, and my phone battery was in a precarious situation, so i only got the one picture. i guess i'll just have to go again, and be a little more prepared next time.

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