Monday, September 27, 2010

by thy help i'm come

as I lie here unable to sleep, I have been thinking about the relief society broadcast I watched yesterday. I commented to my buddies afterwards that I just feel so much love for everyone after I go to those, or to general conference. And I want to keep that feeling going.

Imagine this - everyone you know and love in the same room. It sounds like heaven to me! I just want to get all of my people together in one big group hug/cuddlefest, where we talk and laugh and enjoy each others company and tie quilts and read good things and do service projects and eat cinnamon rolls. And we keep adding to the group - bringing more and more people in to share in our happiness without changing the dynamic - well maybe changing it for the better. (little did you know when you started reading this that it was going to turn into a lovefest.)

Anyway, I probably sound crazy enough, I should maybe stop. That's just the feeling I get after a really good meeting.

Ps can it be march madness again? Or at least nba season. These cougars are disappointing me greatly, and I am ready for some basketball to lift my spirits.

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