Tuesday, April 5, 2011

someday we will surely find it

this has been on my mind lately -

i would like someone to make me up some graphs of the discrepancies between what i think about something i do, and what other people think about it. it usually comes as a surprise to me when people compliment something i do, because mostly what i see are the flaws - the flaws in my motivation, or the flaws in my delivery, or a hundred other things.

if not the graphs, maybe a diagram of people's thought processes. wouldn't it be nice if we could push a button somewhere in our brains, and a diagram would pop up in the air, showing you how someone reached the conclusion they did? i think such an invention would be extremely helpful in arguments as well as to satiate my curiosity. and it would be nice to be selective about it - only see the process if we choose to.

anyway, if any of you know any inventors looking for a new project, this is the top of my wish list.

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