Tuesday, October 14, 2008

cannon fodder

here's a random assortment of things

- i made pumpkin chocolate chip cookies on saturday. today, when i opened the fridge to get out a fresca, i saw the egg carton where i got the eggs for the cookies. they expired in august. yikesy.

- "peace like a river" by leif enger is my favorite book. someday i hope i can write that well.

- i get to meet my brother's girlfriend on thursday. i'm keeping my fingers crossed that this is the one. hanging out with scott has increased my thirst for more kids in my life. and i'm not having any for a while, so ragan better get cracking! (and i hope he doesn't read this. or his girlfriend. don't want to scare her off...)

- my dad's remote control programmed itself for the dvr. i'm a little scared of that.

- temping as a receptionist has reminded me how much i hate being a receptionist. you are the peon of the office - everyone dumps everything on you, and you get no appreciation. plus, surfing the internet for 8 hours a day while trying to look busy gets tiring. and boring.

- i don't deserve the blessings i receive. it's so good to know that i am loved, and watched over.

- i am very shy, all the sudden. (maybe not all the sudden - i may have always been that way. and anyone who read this post probably won't believe me.) when they made me stand up in relief society a couple weeks ago as a "new person" i blushed like a mad woman. i hate that, and i can't stop doing it. (anyone with a good suggestion of how i can get rid of that reflex wins a really great prize. i'm serious.)

- who knew 70 degrees was cold?


Lacking Productivity said...

Don't get baby hungry on me Jenna...they're messy and whinny and tempermental (sp?) and ... is this helping


Bonny said...

Ohhh. I love pumpkin chocolate chip cookies. Way to make me hungry, Jenna. Didn't you know I'm on a sugar strike? (I only started today, but maybe I'll start tomorrow instead.):P

idieh.trebbyl said...

haha you're really funny. dad's remotes are really crazy though. i feel like an old person when technology starts to creep me out. you shy? that's the craziest thing i've ever hear!! i think the tables got turned. i used to be the shy one. i figured it out, i get a prize now :) just jokes. love ya seester!