Wednesday, March 12, 2008

one long emergency

it has come to my attention recently that i tend to over-dramatize things. bad. the other day i was in the car with my mom and remembered something i needed to do when i got back home, so i freaked out a little. maybe a lot... she almost crashed the car. (i guess since i acknowledged it in the first sentence, no sense in trying to hide the extent of my theatrics.) i don't think this is something i've been doing my whole life, or i'm sure someone would have punched me in the face long long ago. (maybe someone, or multiple people, want to and they are just too nice.) so i did a little research and found these tips on wiki-how.

- If you have trouble ignoring drama, imagine you're sitting in an airplane taking off, watching the cars and buildings get smaller and smaller. You are that small. You're actually smaller. Your problem is only in your head. Imagine how small your head is compared to one of those cars.

- Think about how much time is wasted when you create drama. Unnecessary tension in your relationships is created, your health deteriorates from the stress, and your face will age sooner.

- If you were suddenly hit by a truck before the end of the day, would all your dramatics help you heal or walk again if you have not already died? Only a fierce spirit with a positive outlook will get you that far.

what the? those could be dangerous... i should really try to stop. i don't want my face to prematurely age. who knows what kind of consequences that could have!

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stephanie said...

I think sometimes I have the tendency to be a bit dramatic... After reading your wiki facts I am def. going to try to change.