Monday, March 10, 2008

some dust on the dash

i've decided that since i'm planning on becoming an English major in the very near future, i better start a blog, since in that area i'm probably far far behind my future fellow English students. and, if anyone is interested, it will probably be a good way for my friends and family up here in Orem to stay updated while i'm down in the valley of the sun. also, i was reading kira's and i was inspired. i'm nowhere near as creative or funny as she is, but maybe i can be interesting enough for the people who may read this occasionally. right now, i'm listening to the format and thinking of all the things i hope to do someday, so i'm going to make a list.

1 - sail around the world. i've never even been sailing, so who knows if i would like it, but it seems like something i would probably like. and i love the beach, so what better way to see the world's beaches?
2 - be in a band. i've talked to multiple people about this possiblity, and everyone i've talked to seems interested, but so far nothing has actually come of it. i don't even care if we never perform more than once, but one of these days i'm going to sing (and play the tambourine) with a band onstage, goshdangit!
3 - pay off my car. school is seeming so expensive at the moment (probably the non-resident tuition. stupid rules...) and i'm starting to stress, so this better happen sooner rather than later.
4 - clean out my ipod. there's a lot of junk on there.

this is just a short list, but certain songs always make me think of the future and the things i'd like to do, so i thought of them until the song changed...


Kira Joy said...

Whoo Hoo....Jenna has a blog and I am going to feast on her words!

If you are going into teaching, you should check out It's a blog my class started and we are trying to get all of our lesson plans and stuff up.

I am excited to see the things you have to come!

stephanie said...

I am so excited to have found your blog. I will enjoy reading it I am sure.

Bonny said...

Jenna's got a blog?! Nice. I was just thinking that I wish more people I knew had blogs. I hope you update a lot. I am so out of the loop!