Sunday, April 6, 2008

into the sun

last week i was on a very nice, WARM, vacation in arizona, and once again realized how excited i am to move there! i won't go over the whole long complicated story, but i know that's where i'm supposed to be, and i'm getting sick of all of this waiting! the other day my boss and i discussed the EXACT date they would let me leave, and while it's a bit farther away than i was hoping, there's a date! it makes things seem so much more real. all of this excitement has been helped along by the fact that at this exact moment i can hear my roommate and her fiance kissing, and my door is closed AND i'm listening to my ipod. if i play my cards right, i may never have to hear that sound again, and i would not be one bit sad about it. mostly though i'm stoked about starting school again and getting to meet some new people.

p.s. i found that picture of a "waste reclamation" plant that is actually just down the road from my dad's house. it's kind of a funny thing to have a picture of, but the sunset is awesome!

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