Saturday, April 12, 2008

here in the meantime

i've been feeling bored lately... like i need to write something that isn't the essay i should be working on. but the only thing i'm feeling inspired to write about is what has happened in my life this week. so here goes

- i worked an 11 hour day on wednesday because i felt like it. no one really asked me to (but they didn't tell me not to when they had the opportunity to either...) i didn't accomplish as much as i wanted to, but i got enough done to justify the overtime.

- my grandma sent me money for school. she didn't need to, i didn't ask her to. she just did. it feels great that she cares about me so much, and to have things work out so that i can get started on this again.

- i got a great new cd yesterday! i took a chance because i've been so desperate for good new music lately, and bought a cd i had basically heard nothing about. turns out it is really really good so that was a relief. my calulated risk paid off big time.

- the jazz won!!

- i drove around with my windows down and my sunroof open, and i didn't even have to turn the heater on like the last time i tried that! those are my favorite days of all. especially with my new cd.

- we had "poetry time" out our apartment last night, and lisa and dave wrote a poem about lava and me. in the same poem. it's probably as great as you would imagine a poem like that to be. maybe i'll post it someday...

- i got some sushi, although i was with a bunch of... interesting people. the sushi more than made up for the strange company.

- my dad called me on accident this morning. i think it's so funny when people do that.

- i found out my essay i've been putting off writing isn't due until next monday, and i got 98/100 on the one i turned in a week and a half ago!! that's kind of a big deal...
so mostly a really great week... i think this big change i'm getting ready for is putting things in perspective for me. moving is creeping up on me so much faster than i was ready for, but the more i think about it and the closer it gets, the more i realize that a change of scenery is exactly what i need. i didn't think it was possible to be any more sure about going to ASU when i applied last fall, but that is exactly what is happening. i will surely miss people here, but the drive is only 10 hours, which is the perfect amount for the road trip playlist i made on my ipod. and in AZ there are swimming pools and palm trees and warm temperatures, so i am anticipating plenty of visitors.

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stephanie said...

Dont you worry I will be visiting often... Even if I am not invited, JK (please invite me;)) I am glad that you had a good week