Saturday, May 17, 2008

we may stay there forever

i have come up with a new plan for my life. it's a pretty great one, if i do say so myself. here's the deal: after i graduate from college in 3+ (but hopefully not too +) years, i will move to costa rica to teach english. costa rica seems like a pretty great place to live, with lots of beaches and adventure. i think i'll have a lot of people want to come visit me too, which will be nice. i'll just have to learn spanish, but i think i can work on that and learn enough in the next 3 years to get me by when i get down there, until i can perfect it. while i'm in costa rica, i will find someone who knows how to sail and will be willing to teach me, preferably with an extra sailboat laying around somewhere they would be willing to let me take off their hands. once i'm confident in my sailing abilities, i will sail around the world at least once, visiting 60-80 beaches while i'm at it. when i get back from that undertaking, i'll probably be ready to settle down a little. so i'll find myself a good teaching job somewhere, teach for a year or so, then fly back to china and adopt a little chinese girl who may or may not be named Daisy.

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stephanie said...

sounds like a great plan! Can I please tag along... I really dont have much I can contribute, but we could make a cake in exchange for the sail boat