Sunday, May 25, 2008

the calm before the storm

at least, let's hope so! i'm sick of waiting!!

i know all my posts lately have been about change, and moving, and everything. so i'm sorry if i'm boring you to death. but i'm so ready! the way things are going right now it feels like things will be stuck they way they are for years, and if that happens i'll... do something drastic. i just keep feeling like this big event is coming, and i'm stuck around here anticipating it. and if i have to anticipate too long, some drastic, dramatic thing will happen and my big event will never come. i know moving won't necessarily help the stagnant feeling, (just move it around for a while maybe). it could even make it worse, who knows. but somehow, i think it will be exactly what i need right now. i know this is the right thing for me, and i've known it for a long time. i didn't feel so anxious about it 10 months ago, but now that it's getting closer, i'm ready ready ready!!

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