Monday, May 19, 2008

the morning will come

i might be procrastinating a little... but writing this blog is much more fun than writing my essay. so i'm gonna do this for a while, and then torture myself later.

my life seems to be all about change lately. i chopped off my hair last week (it's very hot, by the way), i'm moving in 8 weeks (and counting), my little bro left on his mission and my other one left to alaska, my best friend moved to arizona (see?), pretty much everyone i know is either engaged, married, or pregnant. i went to my ward yesterday and realized that its time for me to move on. the moving on just isn't happening fast enough for me. i would love to just be able to pick up and leave tomorrow. there will definitely be things i miss, but the longer i stay here the clearer it becomes that the next stage of my life is what is important. i don't know what is going to happen, or what all i'm getting myself into exactly, but i do know that moving is what i'm supposed to be doing. and that makes it hard to sit around and wait. change is the spice of life, i say. and my life could use a big healthy dose of spiciness. so i guess i'll start myself a little countdown and get ready to do my thing. even if things don't happen the way i wish they would, the change itself will hold me over for a while. if i stick it out and graduate soon, i can move forward with my plan (see previous post). life is just waiting, so i better make it happen!

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stephanie said...

It makes me sad that you are leaving me here all alone. :) I am not married engaged or pregnant. Maybe you are suppose to go down there and prepare the way for me... Just a thought.