Thursday, September 18, 2008

a patch of four leaf clovers

because of the shameful state of my blog lately, i'm posting twice tonight.

things haven't been going exactly how i planned them the past little while. although, i shouldn't have counted on that to happen, because when do they ever? i've been struggling with making decisions about school and jobs and which ward to go to and all of that, which definitely doesn't make for fun days or nights. i guess i had this grand scheme and for some reason i expected it all to work out perfectly and immediately, but i have lived long enough to know better. in fact, probably just because i thought all of those things, they won't happen. i jinxed myself. i think i was expecting to be adjusted just by virtue of the fact that i was moving - the drive down would magically make everything fall into place, or something. but i know better. china was 5 months of adjustment, and that is part of what made it fun. and i am definitely enjoying myself down here. it is so very fun to have jessi, dude, and scott so close. and all of these job interviews are giving me some... what is the right word... entertaining experiences to share, that is for sure. i'm definitely living, and having a chance to discover quite a few things about myself. and that is the most exciting part of it all, i think. i love figuring myself out a little bit better, and making myself into the best person i can be. that's what change is all about, isn't it? gives you a chance to see what you are made of, and to change the things you discover that you don't like. i'm glad i am getting that chance, again. the more i get to figure myself out, the better i can become. i hope i can just keep working on it.

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Bonny said...

It always seems to work out that way for me too. I plan and plan for things to work out a certain way, and everything happens just the opposite. But it's not always a bad thing. The best experiences are often the ones that are unexpected. ;)

Good luck! I'll be crossing my fingers for you.