Thursday, September 18, 2008

the wind went and pulled me

i am in love with the arizona sky. it is absolutely beautiful. i don't know what it is - maybe the dry desert air, or the big open space, or weather patterns, or a combination of things, or something completely different, but the sky down here is incredible. a lot of times when i'm driving i kick myself that i don't have my camera, because i just want to pull over and fill up a memory card with pictures of the clouds. i really haven't seen anything like it, at least as consistently as i have down here. the other night the sun was setting and it was exceptionally pretty. so even though my camera is not made for that kind of picture, and my camera wielding skills aren't everything you could hope for, i grabbed my trusty nikon and headed to the backyard to see if i could at least capture a little taste. and i think i was successful. there is no way i could fully capture the real spirit of it, but i don't think any camera can. you just have to experience it yourself. for those of you scared of the heat, though, here's a sampling of the delights! :)

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Bonny said...

It's gorgeous! I always thought the same thing about Arizona sunsets.