Sunday, December 7, 2008

shed some light

today i thought of a lot of reasons why i wish i had a boyfriend. here are the top 5 for your reading pleasure:

1 - he probably would have taken me to the jazz game in phoenix tonight, and we would have been the difference those boys needed to get the w. (plus, what an awesome game to go to! if i wouldn't have known who won before i watched it, i would have made myself even more hoarse from screaming.)

2 - he could have gone back to target for me to get the eggs i paid for but didn't bring home. merry christmas someone else. (but don't worry. they were only 89 cents. and no, i didn't get a magic deal on eggs. i only bought 6.)

3 - i would have someone to cuddle with on these cold cold 70 degree days we're having.

4 - he could fix all the light bulbs that are burnt out on my car. i'm not sure why 3 burnt out at the same time...

5 - he could be my page turner next week at church when i have to accompany some people for our christmas program. i like to have practice with my page turners, so i may just end up doing it myself.


Stacy said...

There are times I wish I had a boyfriend, but there are also times I am glad I am free to basically do whatever I want whenever I want without anything tying me down. The page turner idea is a good one, though. I have had a couple of page turners that knocked the music off the good!

Jenalyn said...

Yes, a boyfriend would be great to have in all of those situations. But my boyfriend? The only one of those things I could probably get him to do with/for me would be the basketball game. Tyler is kind of a chicken when it comes to doing anything publicly or in a social situation. He wouldn't have gone back to Target for me (in fact, the scenario has happened before, but reversed and I had to go back to the store for HIM bc he was too scared!) and he definitely wouldn't turn any pages for me if it meant he had to do it in front of a bunch of other people! So basically what I'm saying is this: when you find a man that will do all of those things for you don't ever let go! He'll be a keeper!