Monday, October 4, 2010

when my mirror speaks it never minces words


general conference? check
peanut butter m&m's? check
pedicures, complete with hot towel? check
cool people? check
best monday possible? check

when all forces combine at exactly the right moment, an amazing three days is what you get. general conference was amazing, per usual. girl bonding during the priesthood session was also fantastic, as was the conference watching party on sunday. and then today... what could possibly make it better, you ask? i'll tell you - a delicious burger and strawberry shake and a walk in the freaking hot (thanks sweet j! again? next week?)

life never ceases to amaze me - seems like just when i need it most, i have some days like those i have just recounted. they turn my mind back to the important things that occasionally get pushed into the background and help me realize just how blessed i am. thanks life!

(also, dre dawg gave me a challenge! i better get cracking - i'm pretty awful at memorizing.)


my name is john said...

try this:
1 paragraph a week
(cuz theres 13 more fridays!)

Jenna Kae said...

that might just be the most genius idea i've heard in a while. i'm glad you're so smart!!