Tuesday, November 23, 2010

you sit tight shotgun

seems like my life is usually so full of funny stories, but i'm not sure where they have gone lately... however, the past few days have had their moments, including-

- homeboy ate an entire bag of jelly bellies (minus 2) at "blizzards & wizards" friday night, and then had an ice cream cone for dessert. so, pretty much an awesome night. for real. made for one entertaining dj sweet j.
- saturday night, some boy told me the jazz were his second favorite team. his first? the lakers. get real. that must be in violation of all sorts of guy codes, or basketball fan codes, or something. (maybe i should help a brother out a little and educate him. he called the jazz's all-star point guard "derek" williams. whoops.)
- nerd alert - saturday night, during the "mr. and ms. san marcos pageant," my question was "what is your favorite tv show right now?" my answer? "inside the nba." what a dork i am.
- forgot to wear my jazz shirt to meet jeff malone. lame.
- someone used the word "cajones" in their talk in sacrament meeting on sunday, and it reminded me of the time (in sacrament meeting) i heard patience referred to as the "marijuana of virtues" (because it's the gateway...)
- "sometimes they are for to be to get you dead"
- my little bro likes to say "yarp" in his texts. i heart that.
- paul millsap, making threes? seems like that should happen more often. (that is old news, but i forgot to talk about it earlier. something else i heart - every game the heat lose.)
- this video. i love love love love it,

in case anyone is bored or sick of the basketball references, i apologize. i'm crazy about it - something about the sound of that ball hitting the net and those shoes sqeaking on the floor makes my heart thump.


my name is john said...

Basketball Jones, I got a Basketball Jones
Got a Basketball Jones, oh baby, oo-oo-ooo...

Jenna Kae said...

i'm sick.