Thursday, December 9, 2010

fifty doors to choose from

in the next month, i will be:

- hoping my present selection this year is up to par (i always try to be one of those people who gives amazing gifts, but it never works out. fingers crossed that this is my year...)

- having a piano recital, and playing for the ward Christmas program and hoping voldemort doesn't avada kedavra me

- spending Christmas in utah with most of my family, and hoping the roads are clear

(lots of hopes so far, i just realized. moving on...)

- enjoying the 80 degree weather with my windows down and my Christmas music cranked

- maybe watching the jazz win a few more (at this point, looks a little iffy)

- and doing something wild and crazy (open to suggestions) because you know what?

in exactly one month

i'm turning 27

and i can't turn 27 as lame as i am right now.

however - i am not as apprehensive about it as i was before. i can't shake the feeling that 27 will be a good year...


my name is john said...

i dont know but maybe the big 2-7 is the year you do the exact opposite of wild and crazy ???

(just sayin)

Jeananne said...

Well, you won't be lame when you turn 27 because you've never been lame a day in your life

Jenna Kae said...

I mostly meant something relatively wild and crazy, like driving to San Diego for a weekend, or eating a hershey doughnut. so wild and crazy for me...

Mom, thanks. You're the best.

my name is john said...

the truth is
when my bio comes out on my life story
the title will be
"My Lame Years"

Jenna Kae said...

John, that made me sad. Remember how you're cool?