Friday, December 3, 2010

robbers in my thoughts

(this post will not contain anything about basketball starting 7 game win streak now)

i've been reading a lot of malcolm gladwell lately, as you have probably gathered. he's pretty awesome - makes things interesting that maybe shouldn't be, and makes me wish i was smart enough to be a scientist.

i finished his third book today and it contained a lot of really cool ideas (especially about education.) and after reading his books, i have come to this conclusion - i would like to have someone follow me around, all the time, with brain analyzing instruments and all of their considerable knowledge, and tell me all about what i do. (like a genius stalker maybe?)

i would like to know what the potential outcomes of all of my decisions are, and why i feel inclined to one thing over another, and what i am doing wrong in any given situation. and i don't think i can work all that out on my own - i don't have the brain power or the instruments or the time that would be involved. but i would still like to know... (is that weird? i feel like it is a little)


my name is john said...

im not sure but i think thats called: 'cheating'

Jenna Kae said...

cheating at what? life?

Bucher's said...

You DEFINATELY don't want to cheat life! Better to cheat on your boyfriend:) Or should I say one of your 5,000! Oh actually what I meant to say is you're cool and I really like you!

Jenna Kae said...

Don't get carried away Dre dawg - I only have 500 boyfriends.