Thursday, January 27, 2011

have mercy on me

in the spirit of well-rounded-ness (new word i just made up) i am going to make an effort today to not write about the colossal meltdown the jazz are experiencing, or anything that starts with a j and ends with an immer...


(more crickets)

alright, that's a joke. i have plenty to talk about besides basketball, i promise.

i was talking to someone recently (emily, i think) about my plans for the future. specifically, my plans to not ever live where there is snow again. my love affair with arizona grows and grows with every seventy degree january day that i experience.

i roasted a chicken with lemons last night - i could eat that every day.

i need more hours in the day. or more days in the weekend. especially if i want to ever make the quilt i've been planning on making for months.

i just talked to someone on the phone who spelled out his company name using italian words to clarify the letters. how is that helpful?

i love getting the mail, even when there is nothing in it for me. but i love it even more when there is something in it for me. i should be getting my course materials delivered to my mailbox any day now and i can't wait...

another thing i can't wait for? driving to a game after work today with my windows down and my sunroof open. (arizona is the place to be, i'm telling you. it's january, and i will be driving around town with my windows down and my sunroof open.)

one basketball mention, because i just can't help myself - jimmer and the other guys beating san diego state last night. i lost sleep for two nights because of that game, and it was all worth it. i was not disappointed. well maybe a little, because he forgot to shoot from half court.


my name is john said...

he's like your reincarnated version of 'pistol pete'...

Jenna Kae said...

Minus the awesome facial hair

Jenna Kae said...


good ol' bill