Friday, January 21, 2011

i'll be just fine here

right now, at this moment, you are looking at... a new student! (well, you're looking at her blog. oh well.) i signed up for "english 218: creative writing" yesterday, and i'm super stoked. it's about time i got back on the wagon. (and i'm starting small - just kinda feeling it out.)

speaking of which, anyone out there think i may have a career in sports writing? because, let's be honest, i'm really good at it. well, i don't know that i'm really good at it, but i really really wish i was good at it. sounds like the ideal job - i doubt i would put up a huge fight if i had to watch games and write about them for a living. every time i watch jimmer shoot a crazy three i feel like i could write paragraphs. and the perks - i bet sports writers get really good seats at all the games they go to. or i could just be some nba player's trophy wife - know anyone who's looking? (steve nash, maybe?)

speaking of which, i thought earlier in the week that it might be fun to drive to vegas in march to go to the mountain west conference end of season tournament. and then i thought "hey, i really could!" things just escalated from there, and the plan is now under serious consideration. i have a free hotel room even. just need to figure out the ticket situation, and get some peeps excited about a road trip. (open audition for excited peeps - we get to drive over the new bridge! and stay in a nice hotel for free! and watch some high quality basketball! there should be people lining up out the door...)


Angela Moonbaby said...

Way to go student!!!!! Is it an online class? A night class? I vote the trip does not happen on March 26 because that's when I'm getting married and it will be the party of the year. I'm just sayin...

Jenna Kae said...

angela moonbaby - let's have another scrabble tournament. new rule - if you happen to spell "jimmer" you win all games for the rest of forever.