Monday, November 3, 2008

all the leaves are brown

my little bro sent me this video over the weekend and i love it. i'm not sure anyone else will appreciate it as much as i do. i sure love my dogs, and i love that there are enough leaves to rake up there, but i don't have to do it. leaves don't fall down here.

some background - the big red dog is parker, and the little stupid white one (who is the star of the video) is macey. my mom's neighbors have a walnut tree that drops walnuts into her yard and parker likes to chew them open and eat the nuts. macey just likes to do whatever parker does, so she chews on them for about 3 seconds and then wants the one parker has. she does not eat them. she basically only eats bread. stupid, awesome dog...

i love her.

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Emil, Caroline and An Angel... said...

cute and funZA! I just love dogs! i bet you just miss them a bunch!