Monday, November 24, 2008

all theory, no action

i was just at target, and one of the workers called me ma'am. i hate it when people call me ma'am. i know it is polite in the south (and probably other places) but it makes me feel like this - (this old lady is pretty awesome, but she's still old...) the fact that i am panicking about turning 25 in a month and a half is probably not helping either. still, there has to be some other word or name for women who are over 12. i'm going to throw "miss" out there. i don't think anyone would be offended by it, and it would help all us old ladies feel better about ourselves.


Bonny said...

Well, don't tell me that 25 is old, because I'm almost there too!

I don't like to be called lady. Like when a mom tells their child to tell the nice LADY thanks... When did I stop being the nice girl and turn into nice lady? :(

Reid Family said...

Jenna you are awesome! Great picture by the way! I don't know why, but I am feeling weird about the 25 thing too.

Just call people hun. It works for the young and the old. Doesn't make anyone feel out of place. I for one will never be a ma'am!