Saturday, November 8, 2008

where amazing happens

disclaimer: this is about sports. specifically basketball. so sorry to anyone reading who is bored. this won't be a regular occurrence, i don't think...

i love the jazz. really, i really love the jazz. and i really wish i could have watched jerry sloan get his 1000th win with the jazz tonight. but, due to some unfortunate issues with the satellite (we are now in a fight. i don't want to talk about it.) i was unable to watch the game. so i watched nba tv instead. and i discovered something - i just love basketball in general. watching three goofy guys talk about all the 13 games going on tonight was actually, surprisingly, a really great way to spend a friday evening. i would have rather been watching the game, but those goobers were better than nothing.

i was thinking tonight about watching the jazz way back when, with john stockton and karl malone and jeff hornacek and greg oster-goober. i must have been in elementary school, or junior high at the latest, when john stockton made that buzzer beating 3 pointer over charles barkley to get to the finals. man, that was incredible. i was on a high from that shot for hours. thinking about it, and the leapfrog jumps afterwards, still makes me so happy. and i know it is early in the season, but i just have so much faith in my little jazzie wazzies! (ha ha. don't tell them i call them that.) i may be biased, but i feel like the jazz are one of the best teams in the west, and consequently in the whole nba. (the east is a joke, lets be serious.) so congrats to jerry sloan and all those jazz players!! i love you guys! (as if any of them are actually reading this...)

ok, here it is... i got a big grin watching this. gotta love the short shorts


Dude and Jessi said...

I dont think the song "who wears short shorts" was meant at all to refer to him, but I cant help thinking "John Stockton does" every time!!!

Nick and Rachel said...

I know exactly how you feel Jenna. You wrote so eliquently about it! Snif snif!:( I miss John Stockton! AND I miss you!!! You are the goober!