Monday, April 20, 2009

everybody fired up

basketball predictions for the first round of the playoffs, according to jenna:

cavs in four
orlando in five
hawks in seven
bulls in six (this one was a toughy. no kg for boston though... that's kind of a big deal.)

portland in six
new orleans in seven
san antonio in five
lakers in six (i had a hard time writing that. i just love those jazz.)

these predictions were pretty much all set before the first round started - there are revisions i would make after seeing the first one or two games, i think. but i wanted to record my original thoughts just to see how right i could be.

*sorry about the basketball talk. i've been watching a whole lot the past few days and i have it on the brain. i love the playoffs.*


Lacking Productivity said...

I am first a Jazz fan (we are diehards at my house) and then I am a fan of whoever is playing the Lakers, so odds are, I will be routing for the Cavs during the finals.

Jenna Kae said...

kira, i agree with you one hundred percent. go cavs!