Thursday, May 28, 2009

from the top of the bottom

one of the girls i went to china with had a goal she told us about. she wanted to fold one thousand paper cranes. (i wish i could remember exactly why she wanted to do it. i can't.) she had a supply of paper she carried around with her and when we had our "lost" parties or just were all hanging out talking, she would be folding and folding. if i remember correctly, she got to the point where she could just fold them without thinking about it - she could carry on a conversation or be completely absorbed in "lost" and her little hands would be working away.
i think about that a lot, for some reason. i remember reading this book in elementary school and wishing i could fold some paper cranes. and today i thought "why can't i?" so i'm gonna do it. i would like to have them finished by the end of the summer (my mom's birthday is august 27th. that makes a good deadline.) supposedly once you have folded a thousand you can make a wish. that gives me ample time to come up with something really great to wish for.

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Lacking Productivity said...

There is a teacher I work with that has all of her classes make paper cranes and then they send them off somewhere every year. I had never really though about it, but now I am curious as to what she does with them.