Monday, June 1, 2009

waiting here with hopes

last monday i went golfing again. my second time ever, and i killed it. (for those of you who don't know, that means i did awesome. just in case there was any doubt.) disbelieving? i drove to the green, on multiple par 3's (which is pretty short, i know. but i was using a 6 iron, not even a driver, and i'm a wimp.)

last thursday i went to the cannery. totally awesome. i got to wear some stellar yellow gloves and put the jars into the cooling tunnel. i felt like an important part of something great. (i just tried to ignore the fact that i was one of two people doing a one person job. they had a plethora of volunteers that day, i think, and were making up jobs.)

last friday i made sugar cookie dough to surprise my dad. and then i remembered our oven is broken, and not able to bake the sugar cookie dough i slaved over for about seven minutes. luckily it won't die in the freezer.

last saturday i got to hang out with jessi, had a piano recital (in which i also killed it) and got to watch some "arrested development" with some fun people i didn't know and some fun people i have only known for a little while. and basically had a really spectacular day. (except for the part where i cried a little about the cavs losing. but dwight howard is cool, and i think the magic have as good a chance to beat the lakers as those cavs, if not a better one. i think i was mostly crying at my failure to make a good prediction.)

today i got some potentially good news, and got some potentially not so good news.

this thursday i will be flying up to utah, and starting a great weekend which will include a wedding (on saturday), some sushi (it will happen this time), some picture taking (sadly overdue), some catching up (which i already know i will not get enough of) and a sunday of driving with some cool people. i can't wait!


Lacking Productivity said...

Come say hi to me if you have a min!

Stephanie said...

Sounds like you have been busy. What is the potentially good news? P.S. I think you should teach me how to golf.