Thursday, June 25, 2009

many a road, you know

i realized recently that i never posted anything about the finals. probably for a couple of reasons:
a) i hate the lakers
b) i hate kobe
c) i'm sad for dwight
d) i hate the lakers, and kobe

so... i'm going through withdrawals already. basketball season just ended and i have to wait another four months to watch again! (and that's just for the preseason, which is pathetic.) i thought draft day today would be a little bit of a consolation, but it was not as exciting as i expected, because i don't know one blessed thing about college basketball. all in all, it was a weird day. mj died, shaq is going to the clippers, orlando traded courtney lee, that spanish dreamboat is going to minnesota. oh well. life is good, tomorrow is friday, and i'm still cool.


Stephanie said...

You are cool, you could watch another sport while waiting for BBall to start again.

idieh.trebbyl said...


basketball is like the sun. it'll always come again.

there's my buddah-ness for the day.