Wednesday, June 10, 2009

he's got style

when ragan and i were longboarding last week, i made a startling discovery...

this caterpillar was living on a leaf that ragan oh so kindly picked for me. and since i am a lot wimpy, i screamed and dropped it when i discovered it. luckily for the caterpillar, it landed on my board and ragan used his mad skills to pick it up. we stopped and gently placed it on this leaf, hoping it would live to see many more longboarders come through (and maybe turn into a beautiful butterfly). i hope it wasn't too traumatized to make that happen.

later that day -

i felt something crawling around down near my navel area while i was eating dinner. i discreetly tried to investigate and didn't see anything, and the sensation stopped, so i just kept living life. about two hours later, i felt it again. and this time when i investigated, i found this lost little ladybug. i pulled her out, let her crawl around on my arm, and then let her go back outside to find her family.

i remember when we lived in texas and we were washing the cars for family home evening one night. i was sitting around, not really helping, when a ladybug came and landed on my arm, just for fun. of course i was excited and told everyone about it, and my dad said it landed on me because i was as beautiful as a flower. isn't that nice of him?

normally, i don't love bugs (especially spiders) but these two kinds are probably the most tolerable and least likely to freak me out. if i had to have insect encounters, i'm glad it was with these two lovely bugs.

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