Monday, June 29, 2009

i've been roaming around

my much cooler, and wiser, little sister gave me an awesome budda-ish thought yesterday. she said "basketball is like the sun. it'll always come again." so i'm dealing with my withdrawals and filling my life with other excitement, such as:

a new job (mostly this)
cool friends
pandora (i love that thing)
the wii fit (i love that thing too)
new music (thanks to pandora, and cool friends)
and other assorted things

(i really like lists. and parentheses, apparently.) i have had a plethora of interesting experiences lately that i can't really remember right now, or probably even articulate very well. let's just say boys are crazy and life is fun. and that is all.

great news today though - kyle korver is staying with the jazz! the only thing better would be him coming to phoenix...


Lacking Productivity said...

Korver in Phoenix...the very thought makes me sick

Stacy said...

I think you might need to expand on the part about boys being crazy. Your boy stories are always pretty entertaining!