Tuesday, July 7, 2009

break from the concrete

i've been in a bit of a funk lately... i do this cyclical thing in my life where i get mad at people for some stupid reason, and then get mad at myself for being mad, and then get mad at the people again for making me mad at myself... it's vicious, and unpleasant. however, i am getting a visitor this week and we might be going camping, which would make all my dreams come true.

i had a request after my last post to share some boy stories, but none of them are ready for public consumption yet. just sit tight, and after a couple of months of isolation they will be. or i'll try to think of some other good ones i can share, because i do seem to attract the crazies. who knows why.

my paper crane count has not changed. i'm awful. i think that puts the daily total i should be achieving somewhere around 500... or not. but i am sure it is some ridiculous number, and i am too scared to find out what it is to calculate.

happy birthday to jessi last on sunday!!! i'm a horrible friend. you will be getting your own post sometime in the near future.

you are all cool!

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Matt said...

I think you should still try for the cranes... I don't think it'll be as many as you think.