Tuesday, July 7, 2009

i think i know

how's this for the near future? :)

no one ever believes me when i tell them i have known my best friend since first grade. and i always feel super cool when i tell people that, because i usually win the knowing-someone-for-longest-length-of-time contest.

some of my favorite jessi memories include:

-any one of our seven years of girl's camp. like the first year, which everyone said was completely awful but we were oblivious because we were cute little first years. or the year it was her sixteenth birthday at camp (yuck) and we made up a song and dance and performed on our stage.
-spying on her from my living room window when she came home from a date with a stalker and we almost blasted "kiss the girl" for them.
-lake powell
-ben and jerry's when we were sad
-branbury, and the mushrooms growing in the carpet
-summer seminary when we cheated on the scripture game so i would get the purple bag of skittles and share with her
-lost parties, including swimming in the pool with cute little scotty!
-game nights with the loud francis family

one bad thing about being friends for so long is the fact that we don't take pictures together anymore unless we deliberately think about it. i think we just take for granted that we'll always be around, so we don't need any evidence of the fact that we are friends. but we are, and i am sure glad! thanks for all you do jess - you are the best!!

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Debbie said...

mushrooms in the carpet? Really? Yuck! It is so nice to have great friends!