Monday, July 27, 2009

what if i'm a mermaid

so far in my life, i have one really great embarrassing story that i use when occasions call for an embarrassing story. not that i've only been embarrassed once, but i am not the greatest story teller and i have that one down to an art. the rest just get fuzzy about five minutes after they happen, so i just stick with that one story.

in recent days, however, i have been reminded of a pretty embarrassing moment with many (far too many) witnesses and even a videotape. (i have yet to see that video, and am keeping my fingers crossed that it will just magically disintegrate.) and for some reason i feel the need to expose that story for the whole entire earth to read if they feel like it. who knows why.

when i was five or six, my grandparents went on a mission and we had a family reunion before they left. right around this time i saw "the little mermaid" for the first time and became obsessed. we had a gray couch (i was so lucky!!) that i would use as a rock, and i would have given anything for water to come spraying up around me as i sang my little heart out on that thing.

at this family reunion, i thought i would share my talents and love for ariel with all of my more grown up cousins and aunts and uncles - so i wrote a play: "the little mermaid two." i, of course, was playing the part of ariel, i had a horse (played by my cousin eric), a best friend (cousin arianna), king triton (don't remember which cousin), a green cotton tail, and paper plate seashells. and i sang. oh boy, did i sing.

looking back on that occasion, i'm not sure what i hoped to accomplish with that play. i just wanted to show off, i think. these days, i am horrified at the thought of an uncontrolled video of that floating around somewhere. but a little part of me still wishes i was a mermaid with an amazing singing voice...


Stacy said...

Oh, that's a good story! Apparently, when I was about 3 or 4 I burst out singing "Belly Up to the Bar, Boys" from the Unsinkable Molly Brown at my grandpa's funeral...oops

Lacking Productivity said...

That is totally not's cute.

Stephanie said...

That is cute. Is this the story that you have filmed? I bet your parents and grandparents loved it.