Tuesday, August 25, 2009

maybe you can step inside

it is a not so secret desire of mine to be in a band someday. even if i just have to play the tambourine, i would kill it on that tambourine. but really, i could play the keyboard, or be the lead singer, or back up vocalist, or cowbell ringer - whatever was required of me, as long as i got to be a part of a band. a band with a playful, interesting name that wrote songs that people sang at the top of their lungs while they drove down the street, preferably. but i'll take what i can get.

a little while ago, i was hanging out with a friend who used to be in a band. he pulled out his guitar and we started rocking out, singing some weezer, some mxpx, some dashboard... that little taste was awesome, and left me wanting more. so if anyone knows a band looking for a tambourine player, you know where to send them. i hope that rock band will not be the closest i ever get to this goal... (cuz rock band is cool, but not the same as a real stage.)

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