Monday, August 30, 2010

i don't belong here

it must be monday.

i got bad news twice before lunch!

first - someone got my credit card number. not sure how it happened, or what they were thinking, but i now have six dollars in cash to last me until i get my new cards. wonderful.

second - did anyone else see that article about the dictionary being phased out? (not that i would call the today show the pinnacle of reporting, or anything like that. but it makes sense, right? the internet is taking over the world.) call me crazy, or old fashioned, but if no one makes books anymore i will be very upset.

i love books - the smell of them, the way they feel in your hands, just the weight of them, and they way they look on the shelf. plus the promise a new book holds. when i read something significant in a book, i always remember everything about it - where it is on the page, where i was when i read it, the way i felt about it. you don't get those same feelings from an electronic device. the magic just disappears.

i can see myself in fifty years as the crazy book lady, in a house surrounded by bookshelves on every wall with books on them that i have never read - i just own them because they are becoming extinct and i want to preserve them if it is that last thing on earth i do. (yup, i'm crazy.)

anyway, i guess the only way this day can go from here is up!


my name is john said...

Lets get rid of books that we dont use.
Phone books, dictionary, encyclopedias, thesaurus, Arizona Revised Statutes, and yes TEXTBOOKS! (most of them are unnecessary)

Jenna Kae said...

Silly me - I spent all this time thinking the Arizona revised statutes were essential daily reading. Guess I can give that up. I'll probably keep the book though, for nostalgic reasons. :)