Monday, August 16, 2010

oh, don't deceive me

three things of note in my life:

- i got a new lifetime high bowling score on friday - wait for it - 80! i was hoping to break 100, but i'll take 80. especially since i was bowling instead of working.

- i finished re-reading the seventh harry potter book last night. i like reading them all in a row, as quickly as possible. i know i've said this before, but i love reading things over and over and over. i can't help but get sucked in, every time. (in general, i'm good at remembering details, not so good at remembering plot.) reading them again has caused me to desire this. but it's $450. yikes.
- i killed it playing the piano for choir yesterday. all that practicing was worth it, i guess. (also, reading harry potter causes me to have harry potter sightings in my life. i won't tell you who the choir director looks like... he must not be named. ha ha.)


my name is john said...

OK I'll be first laugh at that
(but I can only laugh on the inside)
so is that like LOI?

Angela Moonbaby said...

Jenna you make me laugh. And I'm re-reading the 7th HP right now too!! One day want to make a pilgrimage to Florida to visit HP world? I might be obsessed.

Jenna Kae said...

John you can laugh on the outside if you want... it's ok.

Annie can I come to Florida with you? I'm probably a little obsessed too.