Friday, August 27, 2010

night gathers round my soul

sometimes life is just hard.

i've had a somewhat rough week - full of frustration and discouragement. i hate to admit it (or just even say it, i guess) but it is hard to be a twenty six year old single lady. i try to forget it, because most of the time my life is wonderful and happy in spite of that fact. but it is an ever present fact - always hanging out, teasing me, and every once in a while i get hit over the head with it, and i struggle for a little bit.

luckily, i can't stay down forever. i have great friends, incredible parents, and faith in my Savior. i know He knows me, and understands me, and can help me. the days that knowledge fades into the background are the hardest, but luckily i know how to bring it back - listening to general conference, reading my scriptures, getting good advice from people i love, etc. etc.

yesterday, i was listening to some conference talks, trying to find the hidden messages just for me. they are always in there, but i occasionally have to listen intensely to find them. not yesterday - they were everywhere! and as i sat listening and thinking, it was like the kaleidoscope shifted, and i could see clearly again. life is still hard - that won't ever go away. but having the right perspective makes all the difference.

things will work out - life will go on - i will survive. and if i try hard enough, and stay focused enough, and have faith enough, i will survive well.


Bucher Family said...

As always you are amazing Jenna! Like you said life is meant to be hard there is no way around it, but looking for the light in the darkness is the only way out! I love love love you...and miss you!

Stephanie said...

Jenna, I am sorry you are having a hard time. Trust me this particular struggle is something that I deal with too. I really needed to read your blog today and go back to the basics. Thanks for sharing your wisdom.

Stacy said...

This is something I struggle with too. A few months ago, all my friends started dating each other, and that made it especially hard because then I had no one to play with any more. There are definitely perks to being single, though! Thanks for sharing this!

Jenna Kae said...

thanks girls! it's nice to know that i'm not the only one... i really like you guys! :)