Tuesday, March 1, 2011

i get the news i need from the weather report

what a crazy, busy, long two weeks it has been. i'm looking forward to this week when i don't have anything i have to do (besides the usuals.) the bonus of this past two weeks, however, are these highlights i will so kindly share with you all (in no particular order):

- fake nephew #2's fantastic 1st birthday party, including an amazing cake of which i did not get a picture

- jazz/suns game with staci that i already posted about. but that conversation still makes me laugh

- babysitting fake nephew's #1 and 2, which included another funny conversation.
scott (who was a little sick): "jenna, this soup is so delicious. it feels me so better!"
me: i actually don't think i said anything, but i did laugh at him. he's cute

- forgetting about having to teach relief society until the day before

-a day off work, spent at the suites cutting out quilt pieces

- jimmer and the other byu's beating san diego state, again! which i did not get to watch, because we had no tv, because...

- we got new carpet. and my room is super clean and organized. everyone better come see it quick

- one week of no soda!

- lunch with jessi and her mom, during which i did one of the most embarrassing things i have ever done. i'm ashamed. maybe i'll tell you about it someday...

- yesterday, this crossed my path. it must be good luck

this is a toad. sorry about the picture quality - it was dark and i was using my phone. after taking this picture, i picked up the toad and moved it to a safer place. i videoed that, but no one is allowed to watch it with the sound on because i sound like an idiot.

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