Wednesday, March 16, 2011

won't look at you

yesterday, i got done teaching my last piano student and walked out to my car. her dad was outside watering his roses, which were beautiful, so i complimented them. and got sucked into a twenty minute lecture.

he started off telling me about how some of the plants died, but he took them back to the nursery and they replaced them. then he told me about his plantations back in india, and how his family grows coconuts and mangoes and rubber. then he told me how much he paid for their old house, and how much he paid for the new one they live in now.

then, we got to the juicy stuff. he started telling me that kids in america have too much freedom, with their cars and their cell phones and whatever else. his kids won't get that much freedom. women today have too many options and too many opportunities - they go out and marry sleazeballs and have kids and then get divorced and then do it all over again.

so, arranged marriages are the answer! he will find some people with a son for his daughter and talk to them before the kids even meet, and then they'll get married and he will monitor them and make sure his daughter is being taken care of or else (he'll beat him up? i don't know...) but that won't happen if his girl is interested in other boys, so he'll make sure she's not doing anything scandalous (like dating...)

and you are all welcome for the enlightenment. i guess i've been doing things all wrong...


Lacking Productivity said...

You know, I'm not totally against arranged marriages. I see benefits and downsights on both sides.

Dan said...

I've been trying to give the same advice to people for years. YEARS.

my name is john said...

we have it - it's called
so let the kids play

Matt said...

Coconuts, mangoes and rubber?