Tuesday, March 22, 2011

i know it well

some letters...

dear roadtrip,
i'm so excited i am starting you a little earlier than anticipated. however, let's try to keep gas prices as low as possible, shall we?

dear argentina,
please open your airports soon. i miss my brother.

dear mensa puzzles,
i like it when you are easy, word type puzzles, so i feel smart. enough with the hard math problems. my brain does not function that way.

dear march madness,
oh, how i've missed you. thanks for keeping the madness at a nice level - enough to be exciting, but not so much that my bracket is a total loss. i'd like to keep my final four teams going strong. and be kind to jimmer, or else...

dear spring,
i love you.


my name is john said...

dear long and winding road,
i think your creativity speaks well of you...let's not forget your #1 rule: wait, what was it again?

Jenna Kae said...

wait, what is my number one rule? it can't be "don't pick san diego state to go to the final four" because i already did that...