Thursday, July 17, 2008

distributed into small parts

well, i moved. i am officially an arizona resident. i had these big plans to take all of these great pictures before and on the way down, but it didn't work out exactly like i wanted to (when does that ever happen, really) so most of my pictures turned out pretty bad. especially the ones with me in them. but there are a couple of good ones.

my car was pretty freaking packed. but i got everything in, which was awesome! i was coming up with all sorts of ways to get all of my stuff down here. i didn't end up needing to use them, thank goodness.

see, pretty dang packed

also, i don't know why i have so much stuff...

like i have said before, the drive is awesome! i made this 10 hour playlist on my ipod and just plugged it in and drove. it was so great. driving really is like therapy to me and i love it muy mucho. there is this one part about 60ish miles out side of kanab that takes my breath away everytime i come to it. i tried to get some great pictures, but my little camera/bad picture taking skills didn't quite do it justice. but here's some anyway. use your imagination.

yeah. wow. awesome, eh? i love it. there are some more, but i think i'll post them on facebook, if you are interested.

so here i am, in arizona. it is not quite all i hoped it would be yet, but i guess i can't expect that the first week. i was so super excited for so long to finally get down here and get this new part of my life started, but the problem is i forgot to factor in the waiting time. it definitely doesn't happen instantly, or all at once. and i'm lonely. i forgot about that part - the waiting to make friends, to see what happens. thinking about the move, logically and otherwise, it was the right thing to do. but right now i can see a lot of reasons (and excuses, honestly) that i should have stayed home. so i'm trying to focus on the positive, and it is getting easier. part of the problem is the fact that i am still jobless. i know, it has only been like 3 days, but i'm starting to get discouraged because i'm not hearing anything. i'm going to try some different tactics and see what i can get going. i know it will happen eventually, but (like mentioned above) i tend to forget about the hard things when i'm making decisions. i talked to a good friend this morning who helped put things in perspective for me, telling me to "savor the loneliess" and i'm going to try my hardest to follow that advice. and like i said, it is getting easier. if worse comes to worst, i'll go put a sign around my neck that says "help, i need friends" and go hang out at the institute building. ha ha. (also, luckily, i have jessi and dude here to help me out and be my friends, as long as they don't get sick of me... but seriously, i don't know what i would do without them.)


Matt said...

how exciting Jenna! I'm sure you'll make fantastic friends. Good luck job hunting :)

Dude and Jessi said...

Don't be lonely!!! Come play with me and Scott!

Lacking Productivity said...

I'm glad you enjoyed the drive...I enjoy that kind of thing too.

Good luck finding new friends...being lonely is the most miserable feeling in the world (so I don't know that I would savor it, but kudos of you can). Just don't let it get you down, stay motivated and get involved in things you like to do (volunteer, find a club, team, etc) and you'll be the popular girl soon enough.