Friday, July 11, 2008

won't let it pass me by

today was my last day at modbe. i decided to move last october, and it feels like i've been saying goodbye to some people ever since then, which could explain why this doesn't really feel real to me. but the closer the big move gets, the more frequent the goodbyes have become. and today was when i said most of them. after working there for 2 years, i have made some really good friends and it is going to be hard to leave them all. in spite of all that, however, i didn't even cry. i guess i'm not really an emotional person, because i don't remember crying when i left my last job either. i fully expected to at least shed a couple of tears today, but nothing. i must have a cold heart.

i have been job searching from afar for the past week, and after some promising leads and days, i heard nothing today. that was a bit of a disappointment. well, maybe a major disappointment. i thought for sure i was guaranteed at least one of the ones i have been in contact with someone about. and i guess one day of not hearing doesn't mean i don't have any. i have been really lucky in the past with the jobs i had just basically falling into my lap, and i worked at both (ha) of them for a relatively long time, so this job searching thing is a little foreign to me. maybe i'll have better luck once i get there. i do have one interview scheduled for tuesday, and while it is not an ideal job, it's still a job. so i'm keeping my fingers crossed.

like i have said before, i tend to have unnecessary (very unnecessary) drama in my life. i don't feel like i create it, but i must. i can't think of another reason it would be there. and lets face it, i am much too old to have drama. that is one of my new move resolutions (i don't remember making new year's resolutions, but i figure now is as good a time as any. i just have to call them something else) - i am going to try to rid my life of drama. it will be harder than i want it to be, i'm sure. i thought just recognizing the problem would cure it, but that didn't work out, so i'll probably have to put some actual effort in. it will be good for me, i'm sure of that. move equals chance to start over, in effect, so as long as i remember that, i can do it!

i'm really looking forward to the drive down. most everyone i have talked to who has made that trip before thinks i'm crazy, but i really love it! driving with the windows down and good music is one of my most favorite things in the whole world to do, and with gas the way it is moving gives me a good opportunity to do just that. well, the windows down may not happen. it will be too hot and un-gas-efficient. but i do have some good music all prepared, and a charged camera battery to take some pictures. i am going to try to convince the non-believers that it really is a fun, pretty drive.

and finally, since this turned long and boring, here is a picture! one of my goodbyes was a party with some of my good old china girls (and their husbands). we wanted to get some real good authentic chinese food, but, long story short, we ended up at a chinese buffet. not real good or real authentic, but it was real fun! these girls are awesome, and i will miss them!

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Lacking Productivity said...

Um...ya so why didn't you tell me you have a blog...unless you don't want me to see it...then you are going to have to tell me you don't want me to see it. I will we stalking until then. ;D