Wednesday, July 23, 2008

won't you let me know

so, i have this magic ipod. for real. everytime i think of a random song i want to listen to, or hear about a song that intrigues me, i check my ipod and magically it is there! a while back my ipod got erased on accident (and i was devastated) but my cool cool friends helped me out and filled it back up. so now, i have all of these suprise songs that just seem to appear! sometimes i forget about the magic and buy a song. i get real mad if i go to listen to it and there are 2 of the same song. so i'm trying to mend those ways... but mostly i just enjoy the magic.

on another note, things are going pretty good down here. i'm starting to be less lonely, thanks to jessi! she is awesome and puts up with me hanging out with her, which is fantastic. it has been really nice to have someone around to hang out with. the job search is going... i had what could be one of the strangest interviews in history today. the more i think about it, the weirder it gets. luckily the job is kind of far away, a pretty long commute, so i can justify not taking it. i don't think i'm going to. i have another couple of interviews coming up that are really promising, so i am keeping my fingers crossed for those. i hate looking for jobs, especially when trying to make them work with school and other things. these two would be part time, and work well together and with a school schedule. almost too good to be true, i think, but i'm going to keep hoping! and, i haven't been swimming in the pool in my own backyard yet. what the heck? i'm going to fix that tomorrow for sure. if i'm going to get tan, i better get cracking!!

p.s. the office is funny


Lacking Productivity said... can you say that you had a funny interview and then not give a detailed description of it?

Bonny said...

So what is your new job? I've been curious...