Friday, July 4, 2008

i get distracted

it's time for some celebration! things have worked out pretty incredibly over the last little while. i got a 97% A in my english class. it is pretty great to have some validation that i'm in the right major. school can be worrisome, so i'm glad to have things working out in that area, at least for now (knock on wood.) i killed it at work this week too! i needed to get everything caught up in preparation for this move, and like a champ, i did it - after LOTS of overtime. but hey, the check was nice, and it feels SO good to have it done. also, i got my hair cut again yesterday, and like Ali said, this is the best one ever. i'm a huge fan, after less than 24 hours, so that is a great sign.

this move is starting to stress me out just a tiny bit though. my dad found out he is going to be moving to san antonio (i hate the spurs), but he has a year, so i'll see where that puts me, i guess. i had pretty much planned on moving out at that point anyway, because i'll be a resident, so i should be fine. but it stinks to know he won't be there, just in case. and it's always nice to have a place to get some free food! good thing jessi and dude are around. but, like i've said before, i have known this is the right thing to do for a long time now, and i'm sure things will work out. in about a week and 3 days, i'll be on my way, and the big change i've been waiting for will finally be happening!


Dude & Jessi said...

Yay! A week and three days!!!

stephanie said...

I am so happy for you that your move is right around the corner. But I am sad for me...I will miss you :)

Dan said...

I'm glad to see that I'm one of your "peeps"

Change is good.