Monday, March 9, 2009

i wonder why that is

my life, in numbers:

eleven - the number of jazz wins in their current streak. go jazz!! (number of times i have been able to watch those wins - five, i think. i've lost track, but they have all been delightful.)

forty - number of times i almost peed my pants laughing at jessi this weekend. she is so funny, but even more so when she is planning a birthday party, apparently. although i think some of the times she wasn't meaning to be funny... sorry jess!

nine - number of days off i have coming up in the next couple of weeks. there are pros and cons to this (mostly cons, i think), but i am very excited to get my backyard sunlit reading time in soon. soon, as in tomorrow, hopefully.

five - number of days until i get to go up to the freezing for my brother's farewell. i'm so excited, for multiple reasons. and i'm very proud of alex. (if anyone wants to hang out at some point, i will be available on monday, the sixteenth. i'm in high demand though, so get your requests in early.)
twenty million - number of engaged couples in my ward. it seems to be the place to be if you want to get married. (me being the exception, of course.)

thirty-ish - number of lovely new songs pandora played for me this week. that thing gets my vote for best invention ever. (most of the new songs were already on my ipod, just undiscovered by me. oh how i love my magic ipod!)


JessiLeigh said...

Im glad my psychotic party planning was amusing. for the record, it paid off and was totally awesome!! I have a new goal now: actually make you pee your pants laughing. Gonna go work up some jokes now! ;)

Reid Family said...

I am excited to see you this weekend!