Sunday, March 1, 2009

see you sometime

weekends are my favorite part of my life these days. for some reason, the regular weekday things just don't bother me on weekends, and i feel almost like a kid again - carefree and relaxed. sundays are especially that way, i think, until the evening when i realize that my wonderful carefree weekend is over and i have five more days to go until i get another one.

this weekend was an especially good one, because i discovered a new favorite movie. it came out a while ago, so i may be the last one on the boat, but we watched "expiration date" and i absolutely loved it. if any of you are looking for a new movie to watch, i highly recommend checking this one out. it was sweet and funny and unusual and thought-provoking, and the soundtrack was incredible. (anakin, i was looking for the trailer and saw some article that said it was playing at the london film festival. i got all excited to tell you to go see it, and then noticed that the article was from 2007... too bad you can't time travel.) here is the trailer for your viewing pleasure.

(sorry about the language... and i know it might look a little strange, but just trust me on this.)


Matt said...

I also liked this movie. They showed it at the Varsity Theater a month or two ago. Weird but quite nice.

Dude and Jessi said...

Does this need to be a movie day sometime in the future... never seen it, and yes it looks weird, but i could try and trust you on it...